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instapaper irssi script

I read a lot. In the morning, on the train, before I go to bed. Mostly books, but I love reading long and rich texts on the internet. Instapaper has provided an amazing way to read the content I find on the internet in a way that’s relevant to me. I can digest my news when I want, on the device I want (iPhone, Kindle, Computer, epub). There’s no pressure to read something right now because all my articles are stored on my account. I can read them whenever I want and at the pace I want. It’s the DVR of online reading, but better. And it’s free!

I’m also a big irssi user. It’s how I do all my chatting. I wanted a way to take links that people post in chat, and save them to Instapaper. Thanks to the Instapaper Read Later API, you can save links to the service.

So I rolled a script that lets you do that directly from irssi. irssi script

Give it a spin, share it with others and fork it if you find it useful. Check it out on GitHub

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Blake Smith is a Principal Software Engineer at Sprout Social.